Summer Update!

Hi guys! If you’re new to AUV’s website, welcome, and if you’re a returning visitor, we’re glad that you’re back! This past summer, USC’s AUV team was able to go to the national RoboSub Competition with our Turtle sub and compete in the semifinals. The competition was held in San Diego and lasted an entire week. Just to give you all an overview of what the competition is like, here’s what it took to qualify to the semifinals. Every team that goes to the competition has three days once the competition starts to qualify. Teams can do three practice runs with their AUV each day, so we had nine tries to qualify. If a team wasn’t able to qualify in those three days, they had the opportunity to qualify for a wild-card spot the morning of semifinals, which is how USC was able to make it to the semifinals. To qualify, our AUV had to travel 30 feet underwater to a gate then come back up to the surface without any wired connection. During the school year, we programmed our sub to be able to recognize the gate as well as navigate any obstacles.

Unfortunately, during the three qualifying days, our sub ran into a variety of problems. From water leaking into the sub to having issues with navigation, we had a lot of accidents to trouble shoot. Thanks to the quick thinking and skills of our team, we were able to work around the issues and qualify in the wild-card round for semi-finals! Unfortunately, during semifinals, we ran out of time and were not able to count all the tasks our AUV was able to complete towards our final score. Despite this setback, we learned a lot from this experience and are now working on refining that sub as well as building a brand new sub! Stay tuned for more updates this semester on the progress of our new sub as well as a behind the scenes look at one of USC’s coolest design team!